Mobile repairing Basic Components !! Class 1 !! Mobile Repairing Basic Course !!current,ampere,voltage - Mobile Repairing Free Course

Mobile Repairing Free Course

Mobile repairing free course provides you all hardware and software knowledgw about mobile repairing.It provide you all knowledge that is provides by many institute in mobile repairing sector.

Mobile repairing Basic Components !! Class 1 !! Mobile Repairing Basic Course !!current,ampere,voltage

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           Mobile Repairing Basic Components:-
mobile repairing components


P+ = Proton
e- = Electron
N = Neutron
Current is made by flowing electron from one place to another.

Current is denoted by I.  Its SI unit is Ampere. But it is measured in Voltage.

The no. of electron flowing from one place to another is called Ampere.  
VOLTAGE:--Force Exerted By electron  is called or measured in volage.                                

In Terms of volage current is divided in two parts:--             
1-AC(Alternating current)
2-DC(Direct current)       

1-AC(Alternating current):- It Fluctuate the flow of current.
Electron flow in form of frequency, It does not store current, It uses in home,office,factoryetc. It has more value e.g-180v,240v,1100v,3300vetc.

2-DC(Direct current):- It flow in straight direction it does not fluctuate.It does not form frequency, It stores the current e.g-Battery,  It has very less value e.g-1.5v,6v,12vetc.

CIRCUIT:-- The place from electron is passed is known as circuit.      

TRACK:--When electron goes from one components to another is known as Track.

COMPONENTS:--One is doing work according to their capacity is has two types:-
1-Fixed Components
2-SMD(Surface mount device) Components

1-Fixed Components:-These components are big in size.These are fixed on mobile phone board.These value are not changeable.It does not find on our mobile phone board.

2-SMD Components:-  These components are small in size and fix on mobile phones board.These value are changeable.These component are not easily available on market.


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