Mobile Repairing Board(PCB) Component !! Class 3 !! Mobile Repairing Basic Course !! Resistor,Capacitor,Diode,PFO - Mobile Repairing Free Course

Mobile Repairing Free Course

Mobile repairing free course provides you all hardware and software knowledgw about mobile repairing.It provide you all knowledge that is provides by many institute in mobile repairing sector.

Mobile Repairing Board(PCB) Component !! Class 3 !! Mobile Repairing Basic Course !! Resistor,Capacitor,Diode,PFO

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  Components On Mobile Phone Board And Its   Uses:-

Basic components

       Denoting letter:-'R'                                   
             Work:-It gives a stability to flow of current.It does not stop the flow of current it just slows down the current.It work as a breaker in mobile phones boards.
        According to work Resistor divides into 3 parts:-
            1-H.V.R(High voltage resistor):-It resist high voltage of current.
            2-L.V.R(Low voltage resistor):-It resist low value of current.
            3-V.D.R(Voltage dependent resistor):-It work with depend on voltage when voltage increase it also increase.

Testing:-Multimetre ke ohm range(200 ohm se 200 mega ohm) par resistor ko check karne par ek side kuch value show kare aur prob. ko change karne par dusri taraf bhi whi value show karta hai to OK condition hoti hai.

Note:-Agar On board 'R' ki value me kuch difference ho aur wo difference 50 ke andar ho then ye resistor ki OK condition hoti hai.


                  Denoting letter:- 'C'
                 Work:- *It filters the frequency.
                             *It supply AC current and stops DC current.
                                            *It passes supply of currents.
    Types of capacitor:-
                  1-Polarised capacitor(P.C)
                  2-Non Polarised capacitor(N.P.C)
      2.1-Polarised Capacitor:-
       TESTING:- *Multimetre ke 20k.ohm par P.C ko check karte hai.Ek side kuch value dikhta hua wapas 1 par aakar ruk jaaye aur dusri taraf se bhi aisa hi hota hai. Then P.C is in OK condition.
                         *Multimetre ke buzzer range par ek side se value aur dusri side se kuch bhi value show nhi kare.Then P.C is in OK condition.
NOTE:-*Polarised Capacitor is now not available on our mobile phone boards.
             *Capacitor ko check kare use mobile phone ke board se bahar nikal kar.

    2.2-Non-Polarised Capacitor:-

      TESTING:- *Multimetre ke buzzer par both side no value .Then N.P.C is in OK condition.


         Denoting Letter:- 'L'
                            Unit:- Henry
               Work:- *It creates Electromagnetic Field.
                           *It filters the current.
                  Testing:-Multimetre ke Buzzer point Par both side Beep sound de .Then OK condition me hoti hai.



   Denoting letter:-'D' 'U' 'V'

               Work:-It flows the current in same direction.

             Testing:-Multimetre ke buzzer point se Diode ko check karne par ek side value show hoga aur dusre side value nhi shoe hoga to ye OK condition hogi.

       4 Types of diode:-

                1-Semi conductor Diode

                2-Zener Diode

                3-Photo Diode

                4-L.E.D(Light Emitting Diode)       


                Denoting Letter:-Osc,B,G,U,X,Y,Z


         Two types of Crystal:-

                      1-Oscillator crystal

                      2-R.T.C(Real Time Clock) Crystal

   5.1-Oscillator crystal:-

                   Work:-It generate frequency in Mobile phones.

                   Frequency:-Voice per second is known as Frequency.

Note:-*Agar mobile phone me oscillator crystal kharab ho jaye to phone me sound related problem aati hai.e.g- Call me aawaj saaf nhi aana.

  5.2-R.T.C(Real Time Clock) Crystal:-

                   Work:-It manage Date and Time in mobile phones.

 Note:-*Agar mobile phone me rtc crystal kharab ho jaye to date time ki problem aati hai.

6-P.F.O(Power Frequency Oscillator):-

                  Work:-It boost the signal and transmit it.

Note:-*Iske kharab hone se  Mobile me leakage aur sorting aur network ki problem aati hai.Kabhi Kabhi Battery drinking ki bhi problem aati hai.  

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